Reverse engineering, quality improvement
and software documentation tools

Analyze Your Source Code

With Imagix 4D, software developers have a tool to understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy source code. Automate the analysis of control flow and dependencies. Detect problems in data usage and task interactions. Achieve increased productivity, higher quality, and reduced risk.

For C, C++ and Java developers
UML class diagram is reverse engineered from C++ or Java source code
Control flow diagram aids in source code analysis of real-time embedded software
Call tree with variables provides visualization of function and variable dependencies
Class inheritence diagram aids in understanding how classes are derived
Architecture diagram provides context for function dependencies

Source Code Analysis

Reverse engineering and visualization of source code lead to improved program comprehension. Speeds:
  • Learning Unfamiliar Code
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Integration of Open Source Code
  • Code Reuse
  • Software Maintenance
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Static Analysis, Metrics & Test

Quality checks identify problems in variable usage, task interaction and concurrency. And software metrics help assess code quality. Improves:
  • Verification of Real-Time Behavior
  • Code Review Preparations
  • Assessment of 3rd Party Code
  • Tracking Development Progress
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Delta Analysis

Displays and reports of the structural differences between source code versions and branches enable meaningful analysis of software changes. Focuses:
  • Test Case Development
  • Change Impact Review
  • Software Customization
  • Project Management
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Automated Documentation

Software document generation and graphics export including UML Diagrams result in consistently accurate, current, and informative design documents. Supports:
  • Peer Code Reviews
  • Delivering Design Documentation
  • Problem and Impact Reports
  • Software Archiving
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